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Foster HR Transformation

HR Systems & Solutions

Rex Recruiting offers a comprehensive suite of HR solutions, blending advanced technology with strategic HR practices to drive organizational success. Our services include seamless integration, meticulous implementation, and tailored configuration of HRIS, ERP, ATS, performance management, and employee experience systems, including Qualtrics, WorkdayOracleSAP, and Netsuite.

HR & Talent Strategy

Strategically, we offer HR strategy consulting, encompassing workforce and succession planning, talent management, learning & development, performance management, and comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Our financial acumen in HR encompasses payroll, compensation, job board spending analysis, workforce planning, capacity analysis, talent acquisition costs, and competitive salary benchmarking.

We excel in optimizing workflows, providing extensive systems training, and achieving optimal HR efficiency and effectiveness, including payroll, compensation, time tracking, workforce planning, skill assessments, and role and gap analysis. We create data-driven insights to improve employer branding, employee retention, engagement, satisfaction, and performance while reducing talent acquisition costs, turnover, and HR inefficiencies. Elevate your HR operations with Rex Recruiting’s fusion of technology and strategic acumen, driving tangible results and sustainable growth.

People Data, Talent Analytics, Dashboards, and Reporting

Our expertise extends to sophisticated data analysis and visualization. We utilize platforms like Tableau, Power BI, Oracle BI, and Excel to deliver actionable insights through people analytics, trend, predictive, prescriptive, and descriptive analysis. We design, deliver, and analyze surveys and leverage data from renowned vendors like Gartner Talent Neuron and LinkedIn Insights,

No more "death-by-dashboard" we create easy-to-understand people data visualizations and reporting. Then, we provide clear strategic direction to implement data-driven decisions that result in positive business outcomes.

HR Automation & AI

Rex Recruiting offers services and solutions to enhance your talent operations with cutting-edge automation and AI technologies, including ChatGPT and Local LLM. We provide companies the ability to utilize organizations' talent and people data from HRIS, ERP, and ATS systems. Stop working outside of these systems and start getting these systems to work for your organization. We implement seamless integrations, configurations, and automation to streamline HR processes, reduce HR costs, and improve employee experience, satisfaction, and performance.  We are pioneers of HR automation, leveraging tools like Microsoft Power Automate, IFTT, n8n, and custom-built HR process automation solutions.

Recruitment Services

The employee journey starts with recruiting, and so do we! We are passionate about sourcing top professionals to staff your team and foster your business growth. We partner with employers to source top talent and improve our clients' talent acquisition processes and expenditures. Rex Recruiting is focused on delivering timely, superior results with our client-centric approach.

Our proven process is designed to meet the needs of our clients while providing excellent candidate experience. Rex Recruiting combines modern digital marketing techniques with traditional talent acquisition methods to source, qualify, and deliver the best talent. Our prescriptive recruitment services include contingent recruitment, retained search, recruitment outsourcing, and consulting services.


Rex Recruiting Mission

The average person spends over 1/3 of the time they are awake at their jobs.  Yet, over 87% of Americans have no passion for their roles. Employees dislike their responsibilities, culture, team members, employees, products, even their companies.

Our mission is to change this.

We utilize our passion for marketing, psychology, technology, and sales across the recruiting continuum to connect others to what and who they love. We love to work, so others can too!

You should be happy where you work, and who you work with.

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