4 Steps of Effective Hiring 2



Intake is when a Recruiter interviews hiring authorities to identify key pieces of information including job scope, qualificaitons, team & company dynamics, compensation, selling points, training, reaons for hiring, and interview process


After a Recruiter has completed their intake, they must make sure that the organization and the stakeholders are aligned to move forward. That may include approving a budget, interview process, screening, and qualification standard, and evaluating internal equity & market value of a position


Sourcing is the inbound & outbound marketing techniques deployed by an employer to attract qualified talent to job vacancies. Employer branding and marketing is a crucial part of a company’s overall marketing strategy. Deployed effectively, it can reduce time to fill, cost per hire, and increase engagement, retention, web traffic & SEO ranking.


Interviewing is more than the process of selection a potential employee. It’s also the process of an employee selecing an employer. It is crucial for an employer to represent the role and company in an attractive and accurate way. First impressions are the key to hiring, retention, and engagement. Interviewing is also the first step to negotiating employment.

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