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Our modern technique delivers strong candidates fast minimilising cost per hire, time to fill and improving retention

Behind Every Great Hire is Great People

Though Rex Recruiting utilizes the markets leading technology and our own proprietary solutions we firmly believe that behind every great hire is great people. Our Technology and process hurdle the administrative barriers allowing for a better interview experience. Not only does this optimize your time to fill and cost per hire but results in better on-boarding, retention, cultural fit, and so much more!



Jonathon Rex Palmieri, Founder and President

Jonathon founded Rex Recruiting with his expertise in recruiting and entrepreneurial spirit. Known as the recruiter to take on the “hard to fill” positions he employs a wide range of digital and classic efforts to attract and retain the best talent for his clients. With a diverse background of agency and in-house, corporate, recruiting, Jonathon excels at every part of the recruiting lifecycle. Jonathon is experienced with startups and established companies and provides a deep understanding of technology and marketing to attract the top performing talent.

In addition to owning his own recruitment firm, Jonathon spends his time developing technology & software solutions to advance the recruiting field. His vision to use technology, data, and process to streamline the recruitment lifecycle has resulted in record success for his partners and clients.

“Recruiting has become too transactional, with professional networks, inboxes, and voicemails full of impersonal spam. I firmly believe technology can free us from the numbers game and improve people’s experience across the recruitment lifecycle.

After all the recruiting dust settles, we are left with people. People we spend most of our woken days with” - Jonathon Palmieri

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