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Video Chat Comparison

Selecting a Video Chat Software for Recruitment

Due to Covid-19 “Coronavirus” pandemic the world has entered one of the biggest work-from-home experiments ever.  Luckily Rex Recruiting was prepared Video Chat Software. But many companies were not. Video Chat Software’s are also known as video chat, video conferencing, webinar, web conferencing,

Notice to our clients

We are looking for clients to pilot our Video Chat / Web Conferencing services. Contact us for more information.

The Basic Advantages of Video Chat Software.

  • Remote working
  • Remote conferencing and presentations
  • Reduction in travel expenses
  • Ease of scheduling
  • Recording content
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Desktop sharing
  • Ease of marketing
  • Test & Filesharing

Key Features of Video Chat Software

  • Display Slideshows
  • Talk to an audience or individual – Use of Internet phone calls (VoIP) to make real-time audio communication
  • Stream Video – Hosts or attendees can display video either online or accessibly saved files
  • The use of mouse to create annotations, marking, highlights or other interactions with displayed content
  • Recording presentation content for distribution or later use
  • Chat – Chat boxes allowing participants to interact with each other

Uses of Video Chat Software

  • Education
  • Business Operations & Meetings
  • Sales presentations
  • Training

Types of Video Chat Software

  • Commercial webinar software – The software or program that is designed for licensing or sale to end users. It serves the business purpose.
  • Free webinar software- In the free webinar software you can create a free account and can host your webinar.
  • Freemium webinar software- The business owners or service providers allow the user to use the basic features of a service or product at free of charge but for a limited period.
  • Open source– It allows to host virtual training events, work together with colleagues and provides learners personalized support without any hefty monthly fees.
  • Cloud-based webinar software – this type of software provides security, mobility, flexibility, insight, quality control, sustainability and cost savings.


We support open-source platforms as they are free, generally well supported by awesome developer communities and allow for many hosting options, customization and integrations. You will need a programmer or programming knowledge to get most of these up and running. Most of the options below do have hosting services, or many technology services companies that support deploying an opensource webinar platform. Depending on your scale it may make sense to go with a paid commercial option

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