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HR Strategy & Solutions Services


Talent Analytics

Workforce Planning and Analysis

Workforce Planning utilizes predictive analytics to forecast staffing needs, identify skills gaps, conduct job analysis, and develop targeted recruitment strategies.

Employee Performance Analytics

Employee Performance Analytics harness your organization's data to evaluate employee and candidate performance, productivity, and engagement, enabling informed decisions that drive business growth.

Talent Acquisition Analytics

Optimize your hiring process with data-driven insights, reducing time-to-hire and cost-per-hire, as well as candidate sourcing ROI and improving candidate quality.

Competitor Analysis

Identify your competitors' hiring trends, including compensation, active recruiting, and geographic areas, to understand their hiring strategies.

People Analytics

Employee Sentiment Analysis

Understand employee emotions and sentiments through advanced analytics and surveying, improving workplace culture and employee satisfaction.

Diversity and Inclusion

Track and analyze diversity metrics to foster an inclusive workplace and meet organizational diversity goals.

Organizational Network Analysis

Map and analyze the informal networks within your organization to identify key influencers and collaboration patterns.

Workforce Planning

Model your growth, retention, and performance to understand your current and future business & people needs.

Staffing Services

Retained Search

Utilized for single or multiple managed candidate searches. Our team of experts utilize Rex Recruiting’s proven process and technology to provide a collaborative approach with our clients. Gain market insights, grow employer brand and reach, while lowering time to fill and cost per hire metrics. We design our approach to your needs.

Pay per placement contingent or contingency recruitment and Talent Acquisition services. For all Types of hiring needs.

Contingency Search

It's a great role that you need filled now. Our teams marketing approach will get your role in front of industry competitors top performers. Our team will curate the applicant pool to fit your opening.

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