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What's the point of professional development and "upskilling" to advance your efficiency, productivity, and career.

My first and foremost skill to level up on would be stress & time management. Recruiting isn't an easy job and often causes Recruiters to burnout, get depressed, anxious, have relationship issues, and a plethora of mental wellness issues. That's why I utilize Mind Focused Coaching in my training and leverage the Mental Wellness Society's experts to improve my coaching and myself. Sales and Recruitment are professions filled with roller coaster like ups and downs. This ride can chew up and spit out the best of us. Many people are chasing the up with coffee and stimulants in the morning only to be forcing the down with sleep aids, self medicating and the like at night. Add in the stress, productivity pressures, and ambiguity. It's a recipe for disaster for most.

It's also important for a recruiter to know the industries and types of positions they are recruiting for. Too many Recruiters skate by without really knowing about the roles they are recruiting for. So they miss why their candidates aren't getting hired, or why they cant find the right candidates. Knowing about the role or industry can be a huge time saver.

My other suggestions would be that every recruiter learns about:

  • Inbound & outbound marketing, especially digital marketing. Event marketing is nice, but not as widely used today.

  • Sales & closing techniques (yes even internal corporate recruiters)

  • The employee lifecycle & recruitment lifecycle

  • Basic recruitment metrics (TTF, CPH, VC, Marketing ROI (source, reach, impression, conversions),

  • Human Resources operations (onboarding, credentialing / pre-employment screening, compensation, benefits, succession planning) & metrics (retention, satisfaction, engagement).

  • Onboarding & Benefits

  • Employer, company, candidate and role evaluations & presentations

  • Market analysis and job scope analysis

  • Financials including budgeting, compensation structures etc.

  • Assessment tools or psychoanalytic assessments

Some other skills would be writing, public speaking, conflict resolution & de-escalation

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