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Equal Pay for Equal Work Act.

For anyone recruiting in Colorado make sure you are paying attention to the Colorado - Equal Pay for Equal Work Act. Employers are now responsible for posting the expected pay range for any "promotional position" which is considered as "a vacancy in an existing or new position that could be considered a promotion for one or more employee(s) in terms of compensation, benefits, status, duties or access to further advancement."

Why should you care?

Potential monetary penalties for failure to comply - fines of $500-10,000 for each instance of non compliance!

I would also be prepared to answer

  • I'm an employee, why doesn't my salary fall within the range provided on this job posting?

  • I'm an employee, why am I not at the top end of the range?

  • What should I say when a candidate asks why they are not paid at the op of the posted range?

  • What do I do if the HRM for the role told me the range from ATS doesn't look right or doesn't align with what their client group is earning?

  • What should I say if asked when the candidate would be eligible for merit increase?

  • How do I respond when a candidate asks about cost-of-living-differences being factored into the salary?

SHRM did a good job covering some of the FAQ.

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